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I'm Pavel Luzin, political analyst from Russia, and this is my research project Under Mad Trends that is aimed to extend my research activity towards space policy, defense and global security issues.

Since 2008, I have covered different topics from the space policy of the United States and nuclear&missile non-proliferation agenda to Russia's foreign policy, defense and domestic politics. Therefore, I believe that good research methodology is the key to understanding of current global and national political realities.

Hopefully my studies will be useful for you, and you will be glad to provide this project with some financial support.

More papers:

You may also read some of my papers on Russia's foreign policy and defense at Riddle and Jamestown Foundation

Pavel Luzin's short bio:

2020 - present: contributor at Jamestown Foundation

2018 - present: contributor at Riddle

2016 - 2018: consultant on Russia's domestic politics at Nations in Transit project, Freedom House

2015 - 2018: contributor at the Intersection Project (Center for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding)

2013 - 2014: research fellow at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences

2013: assistant to editor-in-chief, Security Index journal, PIR Center

2008 - 2012: PhD-student at IMEMO (topic of the PhD thesis: The U.S. national space policy in 2001-2010)